Sports Quiz – Olympic Games – Questions and Answers

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Sports quiz - the olympic games

Sports - Olympic Games

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In which year were the first Summer Olympics held?

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Which event made its Olympic debut in the 2018 winter games?

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How many times has Athens (Greece) hosted the official Summer Olympics?

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The Olympic mascot Vinicius represented which games?

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In which year was the Winter Olympics held in Sapporo, Japan?

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The film Olympia documented which Olympic Games?

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At the 2012 Summer Olympics, Australian athlete Sally Pearson (McLellan) won a gold medal in which event?

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Which is the only country that has earned gold at every Winter Olympic Games?

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In which event has Chris Hoy six Olympic gold medals?

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Grenoble, which hosted the 1968 Winter Games, is in which country?

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The Olympic Games Quiz


Quiz about the Modern Olympics

From their start to today’s modern games, this quiz about the Olympic games has ten tough questions randomly pulled from a more extensive set of questions.

You can answer all questions correctly with a genuine sports interest and some history knowledge. However, it is a challenging quiz.

What is the Olympic Games?

As you probably already know, the games were inspired by different competitions held in the ancient Greece.

The modern Olympics is a leading international sporting event featuring summer and winter competitions in which thousands of athletes worldwide participate. The Olympic Games are the world’s foremost sports competition. Usually, the Olympic Games are held every four years. Summer and Winter Olympics alternate every two years in these four years.

In the beginning, no professional athletes were allowed to participate. Still, the exclusion of professionals caused many controversies throughout the modern Olympics. The Olympic Games also had their fair share of controversies, scandals, and boycotts.

How many of them do you think you remember?

Participating Countries

Athletes from five nations, Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, and Switzerland, have competed in all Summer Olympics.

Athletes from 14 nations, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia), Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Slovakia (Czechoslovakia), Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States, have participated in all Winter Games (up to 2022).

Do you know which country has walked away with the most gold medals? Or which athlete has been awarded the most?

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