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United States

U.S. Road Signs – Shapes and Colors Quiz

All new drivers in United States are tested on their knowledge of the most common signs. Often, test takers are also asked to identify signs by just shapes and colors. Too many test takers, unnecessarily, miss this part. Try this quiz and see how many you get right. [ Read More ]

U.S. Road Signs – Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are perhaps the most important signs on the highway. They tell yo what you must or must not do. If you disobey a regulatory sign, you are breaking the law and may be fined. Learn these signs for your DMV test. [ Read More ]

U.S. Road Signs – Warning Signs

This quiz has 20 questions about different warning signs in United States. You can use this quiz to prepare for your driver's license or permit test, or just recap how well you know U.S. warning signs. [ Read More ]

U.S. Road Signs – Most Difficult Signs

Quiz-A-Go-Go has put together this quiz with some of the most difficult signs, because knowing road signs and their meanings is essential for safety on our highways. On average, test takers miss six out of the 20 signs. Can you do better? [ Read More ]
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