U.S. Road Signs – Which Sign is it?

Which sign is it?

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Which sign tells you that pedestrians are not allowed on the road?

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Which means a traffic signal is ahead?

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Which sign indicates that the danger of skidding is greater than normal?

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Which sign do you typically see ahead of a roundabout?

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Which sign tells you that the road you are on ends ahead?

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Which sign tells you you will be on an undivided roadway with two-way traffic ahead?

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Which sign indicates you must go straight through the intersection?

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Which sign tells you that parking is not allowed?

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Which sign says you must pass to the left of an obstruction?

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Which sign marks that the usual route is closed and you must take a different one?

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This Road Sign Quiz


Pick the Correct Sign

In this quiz, we will ask you to pick the sign that matches the description or question. To pass a DMV or permit test, you should know them all.

Can you get all of them right on this test?

Most states have a passing score of 80%, but in Virginia, you must pass a separate road sign test and get all the road signs right.

Different Road Signs on DMV Tests

This quiz has ten different questions about common road signs.

However, you should be aware that the DMV test differs between states. Your state’s driver’s manual may focus on different signs – and only some of the signs in this test may appear on the actual test in your state. Still, you are responsible for knowing all road signs you may encounter on the road and how to act when you see them.

This quiz format is uncommon on DMV examinations but may appear in a few states, like Pennsylvania.

Knowing Basic Shapes and Colors will Help

If you need help understanding road signs in the United States, some knowledge about basic shapes and colors will help.

When asked about something you must do or obey, you should look for a rectangular or square sign, usually with a white background. These signs are known as regulatory signs.

If the sign aims to warn you about possible hazards or roadway conditions, the sign has a diamond-shaped form. Warning signs can be yellow, orange (in work zones), or pink (in incidents).

Unlike many other countries, the United States doesn’t use triangles for warning signs. The only triangular-shaped sign in the United States is the Yield sign. It’s an upside-down triangle, similar to the yield sign in other countries.

You should also learn which sign has a circular shape and which are five-sided and eight-sided.

Learn this Shape!

Stop Sign Covered In Snow

Read more about the shapes and colors here .

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