U.S. Road Signs – Which Sign is it?

Quizagogo - which sign is it?

# 1: Which sign tells you that you are near a school?

The five-sided sign is used to warn of schools and school crossings.

# 2: Which sign tells you that parking is not allowed?

# 3: Which sign marks the beginning of a no-passing zone?

# 4: Which sign tells you must pass to the left of an obstruction?

# 5: Which sign tells you that the usual route is closed and you will have to take a different one?


# 6: Which of these signs specifically means you must reduce speed ahead?

Reduced speed ahead. Be prepared to comply with the posted speed limit ahead. The new speed limit begins at the next speed limit sign.

# 7: Which of these signs are often installed near bridges and overpasses?

In winter, bridges and overpasses freeze first when wet. The slippery when wet sign is often placed before a bridge to warn you.

# 8: Which sign tells you that you are about to join another roadway and must merge?

You are approaching a point where roadways come together and merging is required. This sign is installed on an entering roadway that curves before merging with the major roadway.

# 9: Which sign tells you that there is a divided highway ahead?

Divided Highway Ahead. The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways.

# 10: Which sign means there is a stop sign ahead?

This sign tells you that there is a stop sign ahead. Slow down and be ready to stop.



Pick the Correct Sign

In this quiz, you are asked to pick the sign that matches the description or the question. To pass a DMV or permit test you should get most of them right.

The quiz has 10 different questions about common road signs.

Remember, the DMV test differ between states. Your state’s driver’s manual may focus on different signs – and not all the signs in this test may show up on a real test. But you are still responsible for knowing all road signs and how to act when you see one.

2 Comments on U.S. Road Signs – Which Sign is it?

  1. U.S. Road Signs Which Sign is it? Question 1. A flashing yellow X means nothing, because it doesn’t exist. The question should be dropped.

    • It does exist.

      The Yellow X means that a road user should be prepared to vacate the lane over which the signal indication is located because a lane control change is being made to a steady RED X signal indication. (MUTCD)

      The Flashing Yellow X signal is being replaced by the a signal with white two-way left-turn arrow, but still exists in many states and is mentioned in the state driver’s manual, like Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, etc.

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