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Random Academy Awards Questions

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Which Academy Award-winning film follows the Boston Globe's investigative journalist unit and its investigation into cases of widespread and systemic child sex abuse?

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In 1957, Rock Hudson and James Dean were nominated for the Best Actor Award for their roles in:

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Being the first Indian to win an Academy Award in 1983, Bhanu Athaiya won the Best Costume Design award for this Richard Attenborough film:

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In 2010, a woman made history as the first female to win the Oscar for Best Director. Who?

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In which 2011 Oscar-nominated movie does Max von Sydow play the Renter?

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In 2003, who won the Best Actress in a Leading Role Award for her role in The Hours?

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How many Academy Awards did Humphrey Bogart win during his career?

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These films were nominated in the Best Picture category in 2018. Which film won?

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Which film, nominated for an Oscar in 2015, is based on the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking?

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Who won the Best Director Award for Out of Africa in 1986?

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The Random Oscars Quiz


Random Quiz Questions about the Academy Awards

Are you a cinephile with a passion for the silver screen? Do you consider yourself an expert on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s most prestigious awards ceremony? Put your knowledge to the test with our Academy Awards quiz, spanning from the early days of the Oscars to the present-day accolades.

Take a trip down memory lane with over 90 years of Academy Awards nominations and price ceremonies. How many of our celebrated actors, actresses, directors, producers, songwriters, and other performers do you remember?

It is the ultimate challenge for any movie buff who likes to follow the Oscars. You’ll find questions about the first awards from 1929 until the most recent Oscars.

We draw questions from a pool of more than 150 questions, meaning you can take this quiz several times and see new questions each time.

Check how much you remember today!

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