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General Knowledge - Before or After Quiz

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Did the Suez Canal open to traffic before or after the Panama Canal opened?

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Did the TV series Friends air before or after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

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Did Lindsay Lohan make her film debut before or after Drew Barrymore?

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Was Huawei founded before or after Microsoft?

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Did Italy win the FIFA Men's World Cup before or after Brazil got its first victory?

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Did Pol Pot, the Leader of the Khmer Rouge, die before or after the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco?

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Did Disney's The Lion King premier before or after The Little Mermaid?

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Was the video game Legend of Zelda released before or after Warcraft: Orcs and Humans?

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Did Texas become a state of the USA before or after Louisiana?

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Did Taylor Swift have her first Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit before or after Rihanna had hers?

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This “Before-and-After” Trivia Quiz


Was it Before or After…?

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Example: Did Hurricane Katrina hit the United States before or after the September 11 attacks?

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