Match U.S. Road Signs and Their Descriptions

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Match signs and descriptions

US Road Signs - Match Signs I

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No U-turns

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Added lane

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Two-way traffic

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Low clearance

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Divided highway ahead

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Traffic signal ahead

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Lane ends

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Center turn lane

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Divided highway ends

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Winding road

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Slippery when wet

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Truck crossing

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Side road

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Merging traffic

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No-passing zone

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Do not turn on red

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Drive to the right

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No left turns

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Narrow bridge

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This U.S. Road Sign Quiz


Simple Traffic Signs Quiz

This is a simple quiz with 20 questions about American highway signs. Your task is to match a description or name with the correct sign.

Highway signs in this quiz are some of the most common signs on US roadways and the most common on a DMV test. While the quiz format is less common on a driver’s license or permit test in the United States (only Pennsylvania has adopted it), it is a simple and fun way of learning road signs for teenagers and even younger kids.

Recognizing Highway Signs

Understanding the meaning of road signs is not only important for drivers of motor vehicles. As soon as kids start biking on public roads, they should have some understanding of basic traffic signs and signals.

The stop and yield signs are essential to learn for all road users, regardless of age. On the next level, you should know some standard warning signs, like the crossroad sign, roundabout sign, pedestrian crosswalks, turn signs, and lane control signs.

With this quiz, you are off to a good start.

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