Timeline Quiz – Which Came First?

Timeline quiz - Which came first - Photo by Jordan Benton from Pexels

Timeline Quiz - Which Came First?

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Which was invented first?

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Who received Nobel Peace Prize first?

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Which country got its independence first?

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Which car maker was established first?

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Which football club was founded first?

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Which was opened first?

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Which was founded first?

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Which was on the market first?

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Which was built first?

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Which magazine was published first?

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This Timeline Trivia Quiz


Timeline Quiz like a True or False Quiz

This timeline quiz is like a true-or-false quiz; you must decide which came first in time out of two choices.

Some examples that are not in the quiz so that you get the idea:

  • Who was born first? Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler?

The correct answer is Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was born November 30, 1874, and Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889.

  • Which was opened first? The Suez Canal or the Panama Canal?

The Correct answer is the Suez Canal, which was completed and opened in 1869. The Panama Canal opened in 1914.

50% Chance to Get it Right

Just like a true-or-false quiz, there is a 50% chance to get it right just by guessing, but the correct answer isn’t always what you think it is. With some knowledge of history trivia, it will be a bit easier!

Take this timeline quiz and see if you can score above the average of 7 correct answers!

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