Random Music Quiz Questions – From Year 2000 to Today

Random Music Quiz Questions - From Year 2000 to Today



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#1. In 2012, the British singer Adele had a number one hit on Billboard Hot 100 with this song:

Set Fire to the Rain is a song by British singer-songwriter Adele from her second studio album 21. The song was the third consecutive number-one single of the same album.


#2. His real name is Park Jae-Sang and he had a 2012 worldwide mega hit. What is his stage name?

PSY is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer and television personality. His real name is Park Jae-sang. In 2012, Psy released his sixth album Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1, which included the song Gangnam Style. By the end of the year, the song had topped the music charts of more than 30 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. On Billboard Hot 100 it reached #2.


#3. Which rock band began their Monster World Tour in 2012?

The Monster World Tour was a concert tour by the American hard rock group Kiss. The tour officially began on November 7, 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


#4. Which artist had a number one hit on Billboard Hot 100 in 2012 with the song Diamonds?

Diamonds is a song by recording artist Rihanna, released as the lead single from her seventh studio album Unapologetic (2012). It topped the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Rihanna’s twelfth number one single on the chart.


#5. The British singer-songwriter and actress Rita Ora is born in which country?

Rita Ora was born 1990 in Pristina, Yugoslavia (Kosovo). She released her debut studio album in 2012. The album reached number one in the United Kingdom, and includes he number-one singles R.I.P. and How We Do (Party).


#6. What group released Endless Wire in 2006, their first studio album for 24 years.

Endless Wire is the eleventh studio album by English rock band the Who released in 2006. The previous studio album was It’s Hard, released in 1982.


#7. Who begins her Confessions Tour in March, 2006?

Madonna begins her Confessions Tour in May, 2006. The tour grossed more than 260 million dollars, the highest grossing tour in history by a female artist.


#8. Which artist or group won the 2012 Best New Artist Grammy Award?

In 2013, Fun won the 2012 Grammy Award for Best New Artist and the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for We Are Young. Additionally, Fun was a nominee for four other Grammy Awards


#9. Which artist started the Wrecking Ball World Tour in 2012?

The Wrecking Ball World Tour was a concert tour by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It began on March 18, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia.


#10. Counting Stars is a 2014 hit song by which rock band?

Counting Stars is a song by American pop rock band OneRepublic. It peaked at number one in many countries including Canada and the United Kingdom. In the United States it reached number two.


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Music Quiz Questions – 20 Years of Music

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