Road Signs and Their Meanings: Divided Highway Begins

Where Will You See the Divided Highway Begins Sign?

The Divided Highway Begins sign is installed on an undivided highway to alert you that the highway ahead will be physically divided by a barrier or median strip. You are, in other words, approaching a roadway with one-way traffic. Make sure you enter the roadway to the right of the barrier or median.

You should make sure you can tell the difference between Divided Highway Begins and the Divided Highway Ends signs. They are often mixed up when people take their driver’s license or learner’s permit exam.

When you travel on a divided highway, there will be a solid yellow line next to the median on your left and white edge markings on your right. If the yellow line is on your right, you are going in the wrong direction against traffic.


State laws usually prohibits crossing an unpaved median to turn around and go in the opposite direction (making a U-turn), unless an opening has been provided for this purpose. Such an opening is often marked with a green “Crossover” sign.

D13-1 Crossover Sign

Lane Use on a Divided Highway

If you travel slower than the rest of traffic, you should always keep to the right of a divided highway with multiple lanes. Use the left lane for passing or when you plan to exit or turn left ahead.

Common Warning Signs in United States

Warning signs in United States are usually diamond-shaped and have a yellow background. In construction or maintenance areas signs have an orange background to mark that you are traveling through a work zone.

Shapes, colors, and symbols follow standards that are common for all states in USA.

Some warning signs have different shapes. The advance warning of a railroad crossing is circular (round). It is the only circular road sign in USA.

Signs that warn you of a school zone or school crossing are always five-sided. These signs have either a yellow or fluorescent yellow-green background.

When you see yellow pennants on the left side of the road, they warn you of a no-passing zone. They supplement the white “Do Not Pass” sign, which you will always see on the right side of the road.

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