Road Signs and Their Meanings: Divided Highway Ends

Road Signs and Their Meanings: Divided Highway Ends

Where Will You See the Divided Highway Ends Sign?

The Divided Highway Ends sign is installed on a physically divided highway to warn you that the highway ahead will no longer be divided. You are, in other words, approaching an undivided roadway with two-way traffic. The road ahead has no barrier or median and you should watch for oncoming traffic on your left.

When entering the two-way roadway, you must keep to the right of oncoming traffic. Yellow pavement markings will separate vehicles traveling in opposite directions. You will see the yellow center markings on your left and white edge markings on your right.

Make sure you can tell the difference between Divided Highway Ends and the Divided Highway Begins signs. They are often mixed up when people take their driver’s license or learner’s permit exam.

Where Will You See the Two-Way Traffic Sign?

If you are approaching an undivided highway with only two lanes (one in each direction), you will see the Two-Way Traffic sign instead of the Divided Highway sign. The Two-Way Traffic sign gives warning and notice of the transition to a two-lane, two-way section.

W6-3 Two-Way Traffic Sign

Common Warning Signs in United States

Warning signs in United States have a yellow background and are usually diamond-shaped. In work zones they have an orange background to emphasize that you are driving through a maintenance or construction area.

Shapes, Colors, and symbols on road signs are the same in every state.

Remember that there are some U.S. warning signs that have special shapes. The advance warning of a railroad crossing is circular (round). It is the only circular road sign in USA. Signs that warn you of a school zone or school crossing are always five-sided. These signs have either a yellow or fluorescent yellow-green background. When you see yellow pennants on the left side of the road, they warn you of a no-passing zone. They supplement the white “Do Not Pass” sign, which you will always see on the right side of the road.

We offers this useful quiz, focused on the most common warning signs in United States: common U.S. warning signs . Do you know them all?

Learn Even More

If you are serious about learning the rules of the road in United States, visit . To learn everything there is to know about signs, signals, and markings, you should study the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

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Match signs and descriptions

Do you want more like this?

Match signs and descriptions


#1. Two-way traffic

Two-way Traffic. The sign warns that the road changes from a multi-lane roadway to a two-lane, two-way section. It is also used along such a road.

#2. Which sign marks the beginning of a divided highway?

#3. Which sign means that the divided highway ends ahead?


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