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Random General Trivia

Image: Random trivia questions on all subjects

Learn something new. Take a quiz with 20 random questions from our large database of general trivia questions.

These random sets of trivia questions are renewed every time you start over. You get new questions from a large database.

Mixed Pub Quiz

Image: Mixed pub quiz - questions on all subjects

Prepare to enjoy a Pub Quiz night with this general knowledge quiz with questions and answers!

It is easy to become a quiz master with our questions. They are neither too easy, nor too hard, just a medium-level mix.

General Knowledge

Image: general knowledge quiz

Prove you are smarter than your friends. This general knowledge test covers all kinds of different subjects.

This quiz will help to expand your general knowledge and is a good way to challenge memory and attention.

Are You a Sports Fan?

Image: Sports trivia quiz

This trivia quiz contains 10 questions about sports. It is easy and intuitive to use.

Are You a Real Globetrotter?

Image: Geography trivia quiz

Take this random geography quiz and find out how much you know about geography and the world.

History Quiz

Image: History trivia quiz

10 history questions in a fixed set. Can you answer all questions correctly?

Are You a Movie Nerd?

Artists of 2012 - a music nerd quiz with 10 questions

Do you remember movie quotes, Academy Award winners, plots, and movie characters? Then, this movie quiz is for you.

It takes you back in time and features some of the most influential films of our time.

Kings and Queens Trivia Quiz

 with 10 Questions

How much do you know about Royal families, Kings, and Queens?

A new trivia quiz about monarchies from all parts of the world.

Famous Landmarks - USA

Image: History trivia quiz

United States is rich with famous landmarks. Check out this quick quiz for some of the top tourist attractions and popular destinations in USA.

Perhaps you have already visited some of them; others may be on your bucket list and experiences to come.

The Most Complete U.S. Road Sign Test!

Studying for your learner's permit or driver's license?
This quiz covers American road signs you need to know for your exam.

Random Road Signs

10 random U.S. road signs

Get 10 random questions from our large database of U.S. road signs. Take this over and over again. New questions each time.

This is the most comprehensive online quiz for U.S. road signs. Exactly what you need to pass your official written DMV test!

Most Difficult Signs

Image: The most difficult U.S. road signs

A road sign test with 20 of the most difficult U.S. road signs. Perfect practice for your learner's permit and driver's license.

Remember, when you are behind the wheel, you must understand and be able to act on all American road signs and traffic signals.

Most Common Signs

Image: The most common U.S. road signs

This quiz has 10 questions and answers about the most common U.S. road signs that you should know for your DMV written knowledge exam.

Some states have a special DMV road signs test with 10 or more road signs questions. This is the perfect way to study for your test.

Do You Know Your British Traffic Signs?

The largest and most complete online test for U.K. traffic signs!
Test your knowledge today!

U.K. Random Signs

Image: U.K. random traffic signs

Make sure you know all road signs that can show up on your DSA exam. Take this random quiz over and over. Always a new test!

Whenever you drive, you are expected to know and understand all the signs.

U.K. Most Common Signs

Image: U.K. common traffic signs

Take this quiz with 10 of the most common British road signs. A perfect practice for your DSA exam.

Knowing traffic signs is important for all road users, not only for new drivers who need to pass their theory test.

U.K. Most Difficult Signs

Image: U.K. difficult traffic signs

A quiz with 10 of the most difficult signs that you are expected to know for our final DSA test. An easy way of practicing and learning.

The quiz imitates the DSA test and will help you easily pass the traffic sign part of your DSA exam.

Academy Awards

Do you know your Academy Award Winners?
Take this quiz.
It is the ultimate movie nerd challenge!

Oscars - Random Questions

Image: Random trivia questions on Academy Award winners

How much of a movie nerd are you?

Take this Academy Awards quiz with 10 random questions based on more than 80 years of Oscar winners!

Best Picture Awards

Image: Best picture award winners

How much do you know about the Academy Awards?

Take this challenge with 10 trivia questions about winners of the Best Picture Award.

Best Actress Awards

Image: Best actress award winners

If you are a movie nerd, this is the quiz for you!

10 questions about winners of the Best Actress Academy Award through the years.

Want to become a U.S. citizen?

This multiple-choice test will help you study for
the civics portion of the naturalization interview.

Random U.S. Civics

Image: U.S. Civics - Random Naturalization Questions

Want to become a U.S. citizen and pass your interview with ease?

You can take this random quiz again and again. Always new questions!

U.S. Civics Test - History

Image: U.S. Civics - History Questions

20 practice questions based on the history chapters from the exam guide.

This will help you pass your U.S. citizenship test with flying colors.

U.S. Civics Test - Constitution

Image: U.S. Civics - the constitution and the government

How much do you know about the constitution and the government?

This civics practice quiz will help you pass your U.S. citizenship test.

Popular Music Trivia Quiz

Do you remember the most popular hits and artists from the past 10 years?

Random Music Trivia

Random Music Trivia Quiz at Quizagogo

10 trivia questions on music and artists from the past 10 years, randomly selected from our database.

Do you remember Taylor Swift's first record? Which band went on their Mylo Xyloto Tour? See how much you remember about popular music!

Remember the Lyrics?

Random Music Trivia Quiz at Quizagogo

Can you name the song titles and artists from based on the song lyrics? 10 new questions on this music trivia quiz.

All songs were number one hits in several countries all over the world in the period from 2009 to 2016. How many do you remember?

1970s Music Quiz

1970s Music Quiz at Quizagogo

Do you recognize these song snippets of pop songs from the 1970s?

Go back in time with some fun 1970s music trivia questions.

What is Quiz-a-Go-Go?

Logo Quiz-A-Go-Go - Quizzes for fun and learning!

This is the place where you find quizzes for fun and for learning. Are you smarter than a 5th grader or a 9th grader? Don't think so, know so.

What Does the Word Quiz-a-Go-Go Mean?

 A. Someone who enjoys quizzes too much.
 B. The person in the class that Aces everything without studying.
 C. A quiz nerd.
 D. Someone who studies so much, they fall asleep during quizzes.
 E. The act of doing a quiz extremely fast.
 F. Ready to take a quiz.
 G. All of the above.

The answer:

G. Quiz-a-Go-Go is all of the above.

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