US Road Signs Test

U.S. Road Signs – Shapes and Colors Quiz

All new drivers in United States are tested on their knowledge of the most common signs. Often, test takers are also asked to identify signs by just shapes and colors. Too many test takers, unnecessarily, miss this part. Try this quiz and see how many you get right.

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U.S. Road Signs – Random Questions

This quiz has 10 questions about common U.S. highway signs - signs you must know for your State DMV test or permit exam. We draw 10 random road sign questions from a larger pool of 65 questions.

You can take this quiz several times to cover all signs you must know.

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Road Signs and Their Meanings: Divided Highway Ends

Where will you see the Divided Highway Ends sign? Learn why you need to be especially alert when you approach this sign. Some people often mistake this for another common road sign. Make sure you can tell them apart.

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